Economic Development

Warsaw Economic Development Come Grow With Us

The Town of Warsaw is "The Gateway to Duplin County" and is home of the oldest consecutive Veterans Day celebration in America.  Located adjacent to the intersection of Interstate 40 & NC Hwy. 24, and just 38 miles from Interstate 95, Warsaw is ideally suited for both home and business.  The Town has rail service provided by CSX, air service provided by the Duplin County airport, and is home to Westpark, Duplin County's largest industrial park.  

Warsaw is a great community to call home, and an ideal location for business.  If you think your company would benefit from a highly skilled workforce, a dynamic & diverse regional economy, and an overall pro-business environment, you should consider Warsaw for corporate relocation or expansion.

How Warsaw Puts Your Business At a Competitive Advantage:

Location:  With our proximity to Interstate 40 and Interstate 95, the majority of destinations along the Eastern Coast of the US are within a 1 day trucking distance.  CSX provides rail service in and out of the Town.  The Town is located just an hour away from the NC State Port in Wilmington and less than twohours away from the NC State Port in Morehead City.  Air service is provided by Duplin County Airport that is only 10 minutes away.  

Highly-Skilled Workforce:  Warsaw and the surrounding area provides a highly-skilled and well-trained workforce, which is supported by local educational resources and programs.

Pro-Business Environment:  With a combination of Town, County, and State incentive programs, Warsaw can provide an incentive package to attract new businesses and expand current ones.