Street Maintenance

Public roads in Warsaw are maintained by two entities, the Town of Warsaw and the Department of Transportation (NCDOT). Knowing the entity that maintains a particular street or road helps in knowing where and how to report a street maintenance issues.

  • Town Maintained Roads:
    A list of town-maintained roads can be found on the Town of Warsaw Street List. To report potholes, street/sign repair, or other issues on Town Maintained roads, contact Public Works at (910) 293-4660. The Town generally performs annual improvements to town maintained roads during the Spring of each year. For a listing of upcoming street projects, please click here.

  • State (NCDOT) Maintained Roads:
    Properly maintained state roads will have the road or street name on them and the right corner will have SR with a 4 digit number. To look up State maintained roads, go to Hwy. 24, Hwy. 50, 117, and other streets are maintained and repaired by NCDOT. To contact the local NCDOT office, please call (910) 592-6174.

Street Lights

Street lights in the Town of Warsaw are owned, operated, and maintained by Duke Progress Energy. If you notice a street light outage, you may contact Duke Progress Energy at 1-800-419-6356. Reports can also be made online at To report a non-working street light, please make sure you have the pole number and the subdivision or street name. You can also report the outage to the Public Works Department at (910) 293-4660, and we will contact Duke Progress Energy regarding the issue.

Street Sweeping

The Public Works Department provides street sweeping monthly throughout the downtown area, and main streets with curbing and gutter. For questions regarding street sweeping, please contact the Public Works Department at (910) 293-4660.