Garbage Collection, Recycling, and Solid Waste

Garbage Collection

The Town currently contracts with Waste Industries to provide weekly curbside garbage collection. Household garbage collection is picked up on the following schedule:
  • Mondays: For residential addresses west of US 117.

  • Tuesdays: For residential addresses east of US 117.

Please have your cart placed at the curb the night before your collection day. Be sure to remove your cart from the curb at the end of collection day. All household garbage must be bagged and placed inside the roll out cart. Items outside of the roll out cart will not be picked up. Roll out carts are for normal household garbage only. Do not place yard debris, chemicals, or hazardous waste in your roll out cart. For questions regarding your service, please contact the Town Hall at (910) 293-7814, ext. 102.

Recycling Collection

Items for recycling are collected every other Wednesday.  Be sure to place your recycling bin at the curb the night before collection day, and remove the bin at the end of collection day.

Items that go in the Recycling Bin:
  •  Newspaper, including all newsprint grade periodicals (place at bottom of recycling bin)
  •  Magazines and catalogs (place at bottom of recycling bin)
  •  Aluminum beverage cans (empty and rinse cans)
  •  Steel food cans (empty and rinse cans)
  •  Plastic bottles coded Pet #1 & HDPE #2 (discard lids and rinse)
  •  Soft drink bottles and milk jugs
  •  Detergent & bleach containers
  •  Brown, clear & green glass bottles and jars (discard lids and rinse)

Do not place the following in the Recycling Bin:
  •  Books, office or school paper, junk mail, paperboard like cereal boxes
  •  Pots and pans
  •  Aluminum foil
  •  Plastic bags
  •  Toys
  •  Lids
  •  Tubs
  •  Anti-freeze
  •  Ceramics
  •  Pyrex
  •  Window Glass
  •  Mirrors
  •  Light bulbs
  •  Drinking glasses
  •  Windshields

Yard Debris

Yard debris items are removed by Public Works each week. These items are limited to limbs, plants, grass clippings, and straw. These items should be placed at curbside for pickup each week. Public Works will pick up yard debris items mentioned above free of charge, as long as the pile is no more than 12 feet long, 6 feet wide, and 3 feet tall. If any pile exceeds that size, Public Works will place a door hanger on the residence, notifying the occupant that a $50 fee will have to be paid prior to removing the yard debris. Also, the dimensions of the individual pieces of yard debris must not exceed eight (8) feet in length, nor have a diameter of more than six (6) inches.

Professional contractors performing yard work and removing yard debris are responsible for removing the debris. The Town of Warsaw will not pick up yard debris placed at the curb by a professional contractor.

Bulky Items

The Town does not provide weekly pick up of bulk or junk items.  Old major appliances, also known as white goods, such as stoves, refrigerators, and freezers are collected two times a year.  The Town will notify citizens in advance of when these dates are.  If you have any junk or bulky items that need to be disposed of, you may dispose of these items at the Duplin County landfill at 325 Landfill Road, Rose Hill.  For information related to the Duplin County landfill, please call (910) 289-3091.  

If you have any questions related to yard debris or white goods, please contact the Public Works Department at (910) 293-4660.