Fire Department

The Warsaw Fire Department has been proudly serving the citizens of the Stacy Britt Fire District since1927. The Department has grown significantly from that time to a roster of 38 firefighters and 5 junior firefighters, equipped with 3 pumper/tankers, 1 engine, 1 rescue engine, and 1 wildland fire suppression unit.


One Mind, One Goal, One Heart


The preservation of life and property form and during fires or other emergencies as may occur in the Town of Warsaw, North Carolina and the Stacy Britt Fire District. While exceeding the training standardsset by the State so we can serve our community and return to our families with the knowledge of a job well done.


  • John Blackmore, Chief
  • Jeff Smith, Deputy Chief
  • Gene Boone, Assistant Chief
  • Eric Southerland, Assistant Chief
  • James D. Blackmore, Captain
  • Colon D. Vernon, Captain
  • Leigh Ann Combs, Lieutenant
  • Jimmy Purdee, Lieutenant
  • Ben Strickland, Secretary
  • Lee Graham, Treasurer