Town Clerk

The Town Clerk’s Office is frequently considered the information center of the Town government. Asdefined by State statute, a Town Clerk’s primary functions are as Custodian of Records and Clerk to the Governing Board.

Key functions of the Town Clerk are as follows:
  • Prepare minutes and agendas for the Board of Commissioners
  • Manage Public Records Program
  • Preserve historical information about the Town
  • Hold, codify, and update the Town’s Code of Ordinances
  • Promote customer understanding that enhances the quality of life for all citizens

Records Management

The Town of Warsaw strives to maintain an open and transparent government. This is accomplished in many ways, starting here with our website.

Public Records Requests

The Town Clerk serves as the custodian of Town records in accordance with North Carolina State Statute § 132. Public records requests will be handled in a timely manner in accordance with North Carolina State Statute § 132.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes of Board of Commissioners meetings are posted on our website as soon as they are approved by the Board of Commissioners. Records of meeting minutes are kept at Town Hall and are available to the public at any time.

Public Records Retention Policy

Our staff and Board of Commissioners follow the Municipal Public Records Retention Policy as prepared by the State of North Carolina and adopted by the Warsaw Board of Commissioners, which clearly outlines what types of records should be preserved, how long they must be preserved, and how they should be destroyed at the end of their usefulness.